Frequently Asked Questions 2018-01-23T12:49:37+00:00
Do the trailers have office accessories in them (ex: trash cans, tissue holders, office machines) 2015-06-04T21:32:19+00:00

We provide the trailer only. You must supply your own accessories.

Does STAR WAGGONS provide insurance for their trailers? 2015-06-18T10:41:04+00:00

No, you must provide your own insurance and a rental agent can send you the requirements.

Click Here To Download Insurance Requirements

Do STAR WAGGONS trailers have bathrooms? 2015-06-05T08:15:57+00:00

Most of our cast and production trailers have bathrooms.

What type of truck do I need to pull a STAR WAGGONS Trailer? 2015-06-05T08:16:22+00:00

A 350 truck or higher