It’s Electric! Star Waggons at EDC Las Vegas 2015

//It’s Electric! Star Waggons at EDC Las Vegas 2015

It’s Electric! Star Waggons at EDC Las Vegas 2015

How does anyone describe the fun, funk and fantasy of Insomniac Events’ Electric Daisy Carnival? It’s no easy feat. For Star Waggons, our own behind-the-scenes view of this electronic dance festival is on another level altogether.

More than 300,000 congregated in the 120* heat of Las Vegas clad in their electric finest. The show of art, carnival rides, circus-style performances, and all of the top EDM DJs that then rolls out over the course of 3 days and 3 nights in mid-June takes the entirety of two full weeks to set up. Our role? Star Waggons proudly supplied the trailers for each and every member of the cast and crew from start to finish.

EDC is a 72-hour celebration. In order for the crazed, funkdafied fans to fully appreciate the multiple stages of high-profile musicians, carnival rides, interactive art installations, and so much more, service issues of any kind in the background were just not an option. With two full-time technicians on hand for any and all requests, and our unconditional commitment to excellence and client satisfaction, we pulled it off without a hitch.

To Insomniac, the quality of the experience this world-class producer presents is its top priority. So why partner with Star Waggons to help support its premier annual event and THE largest multi-day festival in North America? It’s simple. Experience is our priority, too.

Check out some of the action…

Insomniac Events’ EDC Las Vegas 2015 Official Trailer

A View From Star Waggons’ Perspective