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Trailers Designed with Movies in Mind

Star Waggons was established in 1979 to provide custom location trailers exclusively to the entertainment industry.

Star Waggons are built to be “user friendly” for both transportation personnel and the actor occupants. Each trailer undergoes an extensive checklist to insure its perfect condition when dispatched to a job. A large staff of service men and trucks stand by to deal with any problem that might occur in the field to resolve it as soon as possible. Because our trailers are built “in-house” we are able to make repairs quickly and in many cases make custom changes when requested. Every effort is made to keep “down time” to a very minimum if not eliminate it entirely.

Our Trailers and Services

Today, with a fleet approaching 700 trailers, Star Waggons offers over twenty different models of cast trailers, make-up trailers, wardrobe trailers, production trailers, and restroom trailers.

General manager John “Spencer” Siemen was with the company for over 20 years and has trained all his rental agents well. They are the key contacts for trailer availability. The rental agents, service manager and 100 Star Waggons employees are dedicated to seeing that the transportation coordinators get what they want when they want it.

Star Waggons Locations Infographic

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Star Waggons Locations Infographic, small

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