Project Description

This is an amazing unit with two curbside slide-outs and functionality galore. Its multi-purpose design combines a one or two-station make-up, wardrobe area, an office, an agency room and two crew toilets all in one 40 ft pull trailer. You’ll find wide counters for a copy machine and a FAX machine. There are cell phone facilities and telephone landline outlets. The agency room is equipped with a comfortable sofa, indirect lighting, 20”TV, DVD, CD, a microwave oven and a refrigerator.

Layouts vary  – ask for details

  • 6 Work stations
  • Full Feature Make-up Station
  • Floor length mirrors
  • two additional crew toilets on the back
  • 2 5/16th” towing hitch
  • Easy/ Balanced Towing
  • 7 ICC Plug Pin-type Hook-Up
  • 45Gal Fresh Water
  • 55Gal Gray Water
  • 7.5 Generac “Quietpac” Gasoline Generator
  • 2-30Amp Male RV Plug
  • 3-7,000lb axel
  • 2-13,500btu A/C Units Carrier
  • 2-Ceiling Heaters
  • 16.5” 50-16.5 LTTires
  • Weight 13660
  • Height 8’ ceilings
  • Length 43’
  • Tongue Weight 1400lbs
  • Box Size 38’
  • Pop-out 8’L X 3’D
  • 28 Gal. Gasoline Tank

Interior Photos